Wheel, check and verify

Starting as an Independent Power Producer is an expensive, high-risk investment. IPPs are often in direct competition with their host utilities, who can often afford to charge cheaper rates for their electricity.

IPPs are very susceptible to market forces, rising fuel prices regularly affect the IPPs’ variable costs and for this reason, it is vital to keep these costs down to maintain profitability.

In order to maximise profitability, many IPPs focus on reducing debt and controlling their costs; thus, efficient and accurate billing is vital for the long-term success of any IPP.

WeBill provides efficient and effective billing solutions incorporating both net metering and wheeling tariffs that will improve the profitability of any Independent Power Producer.

Systems that support sophisticated and variable generator and wheeling tariffs are expensive. WeBill has the capability of quickly, easily and cheaply creating these types of tariffs and applying them with a single click to a range of meters and customers.
Verify consumption measured by wheeling utilities and check that you are being billed correctly as an IPP by a transmission provider.
Issue consolidated LiveBill™ to your customers and implement net-billing banking if required. Customers can bank excess feed-in supply.
In a world of continual load shedding where the IPP is reliant on a transmission grid that is susceptible to load shedding, the IPP has the benefit of providing its customers with a range of real-time alerts.